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TELEGROCERS was nominated for a Chicago Sun Times Innovation award in 2007 & 2008.

Hours: Monday - Friday 9 am to 4 pm eastern  time.



I started TELEGROCERS in October of 2004. The idea came to me while working for an internet grocery delivery service. I would receive calls daily from people that didn't have computers that wanted to place grocery orders by phone. Most of the calls were from people that were elderly or disabled and didn't have computers,or had a difficult time getting to the store themselves. These internet grocery stores only take orders online not by telephone. I decided to open a business and take calls from people that needed their groceries delivered. We accept orders by phone and place them through online grocery delivery websites. Orders can usually get delivered the next day in most cases .I am a disabled man myself due to a diving accident that happened in 1990 so I also understand the difficulties of getting out to the store. I enjoy getting a chance to help people in need while also fulfilling my own goals of living a productive life as a disabled man.     

                                                                                          President Bill Socki